What I'm doing now.(August 2020)

Adventures in Sound Files

Today, I had to introduce myself to the newest board members for Southeast Regional Folk Alliance.  I wasn't really prepared to do much more than say hello when I heard myself describing who I am based on what's happened since March. The whole description sounded a little more than defeated to me.  Because it's true that I've been in a folk trio for 30 years that hasn't played in public since March 7.  And I have been a wellness musician for over 10 years, yet haven't led a drum circle since March.  What I didn't say is what I'm doing right now.  So here's where I get the chance to say that to myself and anyone else who happens to read this. I've been learning some new skills, and writing some new poems, and putting the finishing touches on my third chapbook of poems.  Plus, that 30 Year Celebration will continue even if we can't play our set to a huge crowd.


Because I am writing a  monthly blog on Raison D'Etre's 30 Years Together and posting it on our website, I've been combing through our old photos and archives for  milestones.  One of the great things I stumbled upon is our first demo recording which took us until April 1991 to record. We did the 10-song recording at Corbett Studio, but I only have it stored on cassette.  So, I ordered a USB cassette capture that not only let me dub the recording onto my laptop, but also led me to learn how to do a decent noise reduction on the tunes.  I've stored four of the songs we haven't recorded anywhere else up on Raison D'Etre's site for your listening pleasure.


The second set of galleys came for my new chapbook, TOUCHSTONES,  yesterday, so my book should be on its way to the printer soon.  Now all I have to figure out is an inventive way to do an online release event.


I have a couple of poems accepted to journals, so that's always good. Plus, I am taking an online class in poetry feedback from my longtime friend and mentor, Pauletta Hansel.  It's really been fun using Pauletta's superb feedback form with other poets in a Zoom breakout room.  We're even  learning how to screen share.


And while I haven't drummed in a circle for months, my sister's new song has drum possibilities, so I'll be adding a part to that at our Masked Matinee outdoor rehearsals.

So, it's still possible to create and remain creative without a full performance schedule. Something I'll have to remind myself tomorrow when I talk to other artists on Kentucky's Performing Arts Directory about what I've been up to since March.


I almost forgot to tell you that I created a page for links to my album One Small Step on HearNow.  You can listen to clips of my songs and find out where they are available for streaming at that new page.