What I'm doing now.(June 2020)

Some writing, some singing, some reading.

In June, I've continued reviewing a couple of books for AROUND CINCINNATI on WVXU.org. Since few staffers are actually going in to the physical studio for recording, I've devised a way to send my reviews to the producer from home:  

1. I record the review on my laptop using the built-in mic and video apps I have. 2. I extract the mp3 from my movie. 3. I send the file to my producer(along with my script for any edits.)

It works surprisingly well and sounds much better than phone-in. Here's one that aired mid-May about a great new book about birds


I've also continued meeting with Greater Cincinnati Writers' League via Zoom for our monthly poetry critiques and have taken part in Poetry at Sitwell's open mic on Zoom as well.  For June, I've decided to join a few hundred poets for Lexington Poetry Month, a lovely community where poets submit new poems online to celebrate Lexington, KY's poetry month.  For this project, I am either revising brand new poems or creating new drafts. It has allowed me to take a closer look at very rough drafts I created for National Poetry Month that were inspired by a local writing group called One a Day.


I am still promoting my third chapbook, Touchstones, through its preorder period(which ends June 26.)  For every preorder through June 26, I will contribute $5 to an area food bank.  So far, I've managed to send in $340 thanks to the wonderful support of other poets and friends. If you are so inclined, please preorder at this link before June 26.  I am so grateful for everyone's generosity and support.

I also talked with Barbara Gray of WVXU about my new book.  You can have a listen here.


Raison D'Etre resumed in-person rehearsals.  Of course, we are doing these outdoors, social-distanced, and in masks.  If you want to take a look or listen to how that works, check out our facebook page.


Plus, I am reading.  Mostly books about nature,  Appalachia, and Kentucky--which are my beats for AROUND CINCINNATI.

I hope you are keeping busy, safe and well!