What I Was Reading in June 2020

For the next few posts,  I've decided to share a few of the great reads I did as a reviewer for WVXU's Around Cincinnati from 2010-2020.  Most of the books were from academic presses. And most of them changed or

April is the Fullest Month for Reading Poetry

This month I read poems.  Well, I always read poems—online, in my various poetry groups, and in assigned readings for the Gauntlet and Draft to Craft.  However, given the poetry explosion that is National Poetry Month, I read many more

My Month of Divided Attention

Sadly, what I read in March was mostly transactional and transitional in nature.  I found myself at the crossroads of many online commitments.  My interim poetry group was wrapping up our regular Wednesday night “in-between” sessions since most of us

A Novel, a Poetry Collection, and Poets Talk Poetics

I’m off to a slow start with my “what I’m reading now” blog.  The good news is I’m reading several books at once.  The bad news is I have no radio station deadline to force me to write reviews.  Plus,

New Year, New Blog

I've decided to add a new feature to my "Now" page called "What I'm Reading Now."  Why?  Quite frankly, I miss contributing book reviews to Around Cincinnati, that culture arts radio show hosted and produced by my good friend Lee